Sunbury United Football Club History


Yes, it all started way back in 1972, and played it's first games in 1973 when four men decided to form a team in Sunbury.


J Minette / W Lecch / J Roden / S Cupples


Other founding members were: B Kelly, R Buckland & L Smedley


Sunbury United Sporting Club was formed in 1973 by a group of expatriate Europeans who wanted to play the game on which they'd been brought up on.


In the first year, friendly games were arranged against various branches of the armed forces, visiting British merchant ships, and on one occasion a Russian ship that docked in Melbourne.


At that time there were no soccer pitches in Sunbury, so the club played its first two seasons on any available Australian Rules pitches which were converted to soccer pitches on each match day.


1974 was the clubs first year in competition and it was placed in the now defunct Western District League. Sunbury stayed in this league for three seasons and its record was very good for a newly formed club.


In 1974 the seniors finished first, and the reserves finished fifth, in 1975 the seniors finished fourth, and the reserves were sixth, and in 1976 the seniors finished second and the reserves finished first.


In the first move of what now has become a long history of successful co-operation between the club and the local council, arrangements were made to convert an old paddock into a soccer complex.


In August 1975, Sunbury United moved to its present home on seven and a half actes of sporting ground at Langama Park.


Over the years that area has been developed and there now are three senior pitches, and two junior soccer pitches and two cricket pitches and practice nets.

Although there is still room for improvement to the floodlighting on the main pitch, over the years night matches have been played against a variety of visitors, including State and National league clubs, junior and senior state squads and touring European teams.


With the great availability of space, it has been possible to keep the main pitch in first class condition and still not risk injury to players by training on poor training areas.


Since 1977,  when Sunbury was promoted from the Western District league to the Provisional League Division Two, the club's success has been pretty remarkable.


The First team finished top in 1978 (Provisional two), top in 1980 (Provisional one), second in 1981 (Metropolitan Four), and in the major league restructuring of 1983/1984 the clubs 10th year, it received a promotion jump from Metropolitan Three to Metropolitan One, In that period the reserve squads ability to support the firsts, gained one top position and two third spots in their leagues.